Experience Astounding Snorkelling in Seychelles

Exceptional Snorkelling in the Pristine Waters of the Alphonse Atoll

Due to its remote location 400 km south-west of Mahé, the main island of Seychelles, the waters surrounding the coral island of Alphonse is teeming with a variety of marine life which one will be hard-pressed to find around any other inhabited island in the Seychelles. Crystal clear warm water, unbleached and largely untouched corals, great visibility and a diverse range of fish species has become synonymous with both Alphonse and St. François due to the rich currents and abundant sea life that surrounds the Alphonse group of Atolls.

Snorkelling around Alphonse is suitable for all ages, with the best snorkelling spots around the island indicated by our knowledgeable team. The snorkelling around the pirouetting coral heads within the safety of the lagoon is simply out of this world! Even a quick snorkelling trip will introduce one to various species of colourful reef fish. More often than not paths will be crossed with a Manta Ray or two, whilst turtles are almost sure to keep you company. Snorkelling in the Seychelles is an unforgettable experience!



  • Great variety of snorkelling spots for all levels
  • Visibility easily reaching 50m
  • Unbleached and largely untouched coral reefs
  • Unrivalled diversity of Marine life

Best Snorkelling Sites in Seychelles

Ocean Explorations

The snorkelling sites around our islands will blow you away!

Tamatave Reef. Depth: 0 - 7 m. Expect to see lots of medium to small coral bommies with different species of reef fish congregating around the coral heads, especially the lyretail grouper, violet soldierfish, moorish idol and powderblue surgeonfish. Green and hawksbill turtles are a very frequent sightings in this area because of the shallower waters and sizeable patches of turtle grass. 

House Reef. Depth: 0 - 6 m. Just a stone’s throw from the beach, these corals are the perfect nursery for juvenile fish and critters such as Banded Boxer Shrimp, juvenile Painted Spiny Lobsters and pipefish. There are also some larger visitors to the reef like Green and Hawksbill Turtles, Bluefin Trevally and sometimes even Eagle Rays. Visibility is affected by tidal movements so check with the activities team about when to go.

Blue Roundabout. Depth: 0-10 m. Get lost in this never-ending maze of coral bommies. Look for Scissortail Sergeant and Butterfly Fish in the shallow water and the iridescent giant clam embedded into the huge coral colonies.

Oasis. Depth: 0-8 m. You can often see Porcupine, Pink whip and Eagle Rays on the sand and gliding through the water. If you are lucky, you will even spot small reef sharks!

Channel Reef. Depth: 4-10 m. Big coral bommies with Schooling Snapper and Permit / Pompano. Anything from the outer ocean could pass through here at any time!

Coral Gardens. Depth: 1-4 m. Like a miniature city, this site is always buzzing with life. Myriad marine creatures including snapper, triggerfish, turtles and Nurse Sharks can be found among the healthy corals as you float overhead.

Snorkelling Excursions 

Further Afield

For those who prefer to be guided through the colourful underwater world by a snorkelling expert, Alphonse Island has various snorkelling safaris on offer. Sign up for a snorkelling excursion and experience the beautiful, enchanting marine life of Alphonse Island, St. François or Bijoutier with the guidance of our knowledgeable activities team. The abundant and colourful sea life sights are not to be missed, and it will open up your eyes to a whole new world!

Snorkelers may also wish to learn about coral reef ecology and conservation through a variety of specialty courses conducted by our resident marine biologist. The snorkelling reefs in Seychelles is a fascinating eco-system to learn about.

Snorkelling Equipment

Safety First

Snorkelling equipment to suit a wide range of ages is provided on a complimentary basis to our guests. This includes snorkels, masks and fins in assorted sizes. Our equipment is comfortable, safe and reliable and allows one to explore the abundant sea life at a leisurely pace. So no need to bring your snorkelling equipment to Seychelles.

Whether one prefers to explore this marine wonderland from a boat or from the shore, every moment spent in the crystal clear waters around Alphonse Island will offer a perfect balance of exhilaration and relaxation.

Do's and Don'ts

The Snorkeler’s Code-of-Conduct

  • Do not snorkel alone for your personal safety.
  • Inform staff onshore before going snorkelling, telling them where you will go and when you will be back
  • Stay horizontal in the water to avoid dropping fins onto coral or any other living organism.
  • Avoid deep seagrass beds when walking across flats.
  • Never feed marine organisms.
  • Remain quiet without making loud noises
  • Avoid sudden movements by swimming in a relaxed, calm manner.
  • Swim around turtles and not over the top, as this obstructs their ability to surface to breathe.
  • Aggressive animals may be deterred if you stay close to the reef, point fins in their direction, and outstretch your arms and legs to increase your size.

Snorkelling with Sailfish

The fastest fish in the ocean

Board one of our custom-built vessels and head out to the deep blue for an adventure like no other. Our team will deploy teasers off the side of the vessel to lure the Sailfish up from the depths. With the first sight of the silvery-grey or blue bodies, it’s time to jump in for a wild experience.

Sailfish are usually found in small groups which means that snorkelers are likely to be surrounded by a swirling group of these magnificent creatures. Alphonse Island pioneered this technique for snorkelers to experience these incredible fish.

Snorkelling with Manta Rays

Charismatic ocean creatures

Join our conservation team on an incredible snorkelling excursion in the balmy waters around Alphonse Island. Get in the water with these iconic, friendly giants and see them up close.

During the experience, snorkelers are encouraged to take photos of each individual Manta Ray that they spot. These photos are used to identify individuals in collaboration with the Manta Trust and assist with tracking their movements. If the photos that you take are used to identify a new individual Manta Ray, you have the privilege to name it.

Popular Snorkelling Sightings

When snorkelling in the warm waters of Seychelles you will encounter many beautiful and fascinating species. Below are just a few of our favourite species to spot when snorkelling in the Seychelles.

Emperor Angelfish
Emperor Angelfish
Meyers Butterfly Fish
Meyers Butterflyfish
Manta Ray
Manta Ray
Bluefin Trevally
Bluefin Trevally
Indo-Pacific Permit
Butterfly Fish
Moorish Idol Butterfly
Powderblue Tang
Powderblue Tang
Moray Eel
Moray Eel
Green Turtle
Green Turtle
Scalefin Anthias`
Scalefin Anthias
Blue-green Chromis
Blue/Green Chromis
Three Strip Damselfish
Bluelined Snappers
Bluestripe Snapper