The Quintessential Island Paradise


Your Own Private Paradise

Alphonse Island features a single lodge with accommodation comprising of Beach Bungalows, Beach Suites and Beach Villas built alongside the water’s edge, each with spectacular ocean views.

Alphonse Island’s remote geographical location lends itself to an atmosphere of undisturbed solitude; allowing you to feel like you are the only person on a deserted island, yet offering all the amenities and facilities that will make your stay extremely comfortable and enjoyable.

Enjoy the sense of space, both indoors and out, with glimpses of the ocean from your patio and unblemished beaches just a few paces away.



  • Only steps from the beach
  • Nestled within nature
  • Spaced to ensure optimal privacy
  • Air-conditioned rooms
  • Beautiful views of the shimmering ocean

What does COVID-19 mean for our future?

COVID-19 has awakened us to question our relationship with nature and how we need to adapt to ensure sustainability into the future. It is this realisation which makes us more excited than ever to continue pioneering our journey of conservation, sustainability and creating life-changing guest experiences. Find out more Blue Safari - our parent company - by clicking on the link below.

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