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The Ultimate Honeymoon Destination

Powder soft white beaches, glittering azure water at the perfect temperature and balmy weather - the ideal place to spend your honeymoon.

All the Right Ingredients for a Romantic Escape

Secluded and remote. Private. Relaxed comfort. No dress code. Off the beaten track.

Attentive Staff, Wide Range of Activities and Personalised Experiences for Couples

Indulge in rejuvenating spa treatments, intimate dining arrangements and a range of amazing outdoor activities. Our team is always at your service to arrange personalised services and to ensure your honeymoon is perfect in every way.

A Remote and Secluded Sanctuary for Honeymoons

Only one lodge on the island. Completely unique and secluded. Incredible sense of intimacy, space and freedom.

My Experience on Alphonse Island

A Honeymoon like no other

The spectacular location, coupled with superb service and an impressive range of recreational activities, make Alphonse Island the ultimate honeymoon escape.

Alphonse Island is a honeymoon destination guaranteed to fulfil your fantasies of a private romantic sanctuary in an isolated destination. Couples are afforded the freedom and privacy to shape their own bespoke Seychelles honeymoon experience and discover paradise as they like it . . . alone together.

Your own unique piece of paradise

Alphonse Island is an incredibly safe and intimate paradise for newly married couples to enjoy their holiday together worry-free. It features only one lodge with intimate accommodation, providing couples with their own unique piece of paradise.

Experience a great sense of space, both indoors and out, with ocean views from your patio or deck and unblemished beaches just a few paces away.

Romance, Adventure and Indulgence

Alphonse Island needs to be experienced to be believed… quiet picnics on secluded beaches, sunset cruises, mesmerising encounters with captivating marine life and blissful spa treatments; all in picture-perfect surroundings that enhance every sensation.

Our team is always on hand to tailor romantic experiences to your needs, from private candlelit dinners on the beach to romantic picnics on a secluded beach or a lesser-explored part of the island, no stone is left unturned to ensure you have the ultimate honeymoon experience. Honeymoon amenities include a romantic turndown on the first night of your stay and a bottle of sparkling wine once during your stay.

Enjoy a wide range of outdoor activities like fishing, scuba diving and cycling or relax and unwind with an uplifting spa treatment for mind, body and soul. Tantalise your senses with sumptuous dishes inspired by the exotic flavours of Creole cuisine and the bountiful harvest of the Indian Ocean, offset by spectacular views.

Safe and Stress Free

There is no malaria in the Seychelles and no vaccines are required when visiting, although some travellers elect to protect themselves against hepatitis A with an immunoglobulin injection (short-­term protection) or the longer lasting vaccine. Alphonse Island has no cyclones and is considered sheltered from extreme weather with predictable weather conditions, no poisonous snakes or spiders, no dangerous animals and no cars.

Our professional and friendly team is at your beck and call and is dedicated to make your honeymoon experience a truly unforgettable one. They will transform the island into a sanctuary for love and take care of all the intimate details.

Let us help you create your dream honeymoon

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Not only is Alphonse Island one of the most remote destinations in the world, it is also one of the most luxurious. Alphonse Island features one intimate lodge with accommodation perfectly suited to your needs. After another successful day of exploring, kick back and make yourself at home… in paradise.

Experiences on the Island

Whether you’re looking for an action-packed adventure or a relaxing retreat, Alphonse Island has it all. From fishing trips for couples to sunset cruises and picnics on a secluded beach, Alphonse Island is the ultimate romantic honeymoon destination.

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