The Ultimate Seychelles Family Holiday

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The Ultimate Seychelles Family Holiday

Nov 13, 2018


Nothing quite compares to having fun while creating lifelong memories with your family! And where better to experience these special moments than on a beautiful, remote island paradise?

Tucked away in the shimmering waters of the Indian Ocean are the idyllic atolls that make up the Outer Islands of the Seychelles. These pristine islands with their endless sandy beaches, calm waters and colourful creatures make for the perfect relaxing family holiday you’ve been dreaming of.

Blessed with wonderful weather and calm seas, the islands provide endless hours of exploring, learning and having fun in the tropical sun.


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The premier travel provider of the region, Alphonse Island Seychelles, provides a unique and exclusive look at four of the incredible atolls found in the Outer Islands.

Explore and experience the unique landscapes and exciting activities with our friendly and knowledgeable team of guides and marine biologists. We take great pride in our experiences and create them to be enjoyed by the whole family and to showcase the best of what the islands have to offer.


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Alphonse Island Seychelles was created with the aim of introducing our guests to these remote destinations and to encourage exploration through a variety of conservation-orientated activities.

Stylish touches and various facilities can be enjoyed at leisure and in comfort as there is no dress code, allowing you to explore paradise whilst enjoying barefoot luxury.

Accommodation in the region includes the stylish Alphonse Island Resort. Hosting small groups of guests at a time, it ensures a secluded yet intimate atmosphere where we can attend to the finer details of your stay.


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Enjoy long walks on the beach or a leisurely cycle around the island without bumping into your neighbours. Guests can choose whether to enjoy meals in their rooms or join other guests in the restaurant and share stories of the day’s adventures.

Enjoy traditional Creole cuisine with healthy and yummy options for the little ones in a relaxed atmosphere where the adults get to unwind and the kids make quick friends.


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This sense of relaxed fun extends to our activities as they are tailor-made for families of all ages, catering to both young families and families with older children who prefer to enjoy activities on their own or with their new friends.

Parents can rest assured that the little ones are in good hands as all our experiences are led by our expert guides and customized to be age appropriate.


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One of our favourite inspiring and educational activities is the Flats Walk. This is ideal for the little ones as we don’t venture too far and focus on the curious creatures of the rock pools. This ensures a fun experience for the kids, while the grown-ups can spend the time relaxing by the pool with a refreshing drink or head out on an adventure of their own.

Families who would like to make the most of their time together can hop into a kayak, enjoy a sensational sunset cruise (with a surprise Dolphin viewing, if you’re lucky!) or visit our Aldabra Giant Tortoise family.


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The remote Atolls of the Outer Islands are truly magical destinations for the whole family to enjoy. Its proximity to the equator provides beautiful weather for most of the year, the surrounding cerulean ocean is calm and holds mesmerising marine life, and there are no dangerous animals on the islands.

You and your family are free to explore and take in the balmy scenery at your leisure while making memories to last a lifetime.


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Imagine a family getaway where the little ones can feed their curiosity, the teenagers can have fun, the adults can relax and everyone can have a wonderful time together. Alphonse Island Seychelles invites you and your family to experience the untouched world of the Outer Islands of the Seychelles with our safe, educational and fun customized family vacations.

Book today for the ultimate family holiday you’ll never forget!