Luxury accommodation options in the Seychelles Outer Islands

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Luxury accommodation options in the Seychelles Outer Islands

Mar 22, 2017

The Outer Island of the Seychelles is a collective term for the islands that are outside of the Seychelles Bank in the western Indian Ocean. The islands are located between 230 and 1,150 kilometers from Mahé, the country’s principal island located in the Inner Islands of the Seychelles.The outer islands are divided into five main groups: the Southern Coral Group, Amirante Islands, Alphonse Group, Aldabra Group and Farquhar Group. There are a few luxury accommodation options as well as luxury on a catamaran for guests to experience. 

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Alphonse Island

Located 400 kilometres south of the Seychelles capital of Victoria, Alphonse Island is the ultimate island holiday destination in the Seychelles for a true escape into nature experience.

The Alphonse Island Lodge is the only accommodation on the island and offers a luxurious experience whilst simultaneously incorporating the natural environment.

Embracing Seychellois Creole Culture

The Seychellois are a colourful blend of cultures with descendants from African, European, Chinese and Indian settlers. This rich and vibrant culture is reflected in the people, cuisine, language, music, architecture and all aspects of life in the Seychelles.

At Alphonse Island, we wanted to create an ambiance that honours this colourful blend of cultures in harmony with nature.

Twenty-one Beach Bungalows and five Beach Suites received complete refurbishments at the end of 2016 to reflect the local culture and keep in line with being an eco-friendly establishment.  

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Barefoot Luxury

Our accommodation blends luxury with that of the barefoot casual island vibes for the perfect getaway on a tropical island. Featuring a range of sandalwood colours and incorporating local materials, the design reflects a sophisticated fresh, island style of the 21st century.

All of the rooms are bright and modern, but with finishes of wood and earthy elements creating a refreshing and elegant ambiance. 

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Beach Bar and Restaurant

In addition to the accommodation, an overhaul of the Beach Bar and Restaurant was made in order to create an atmosphere inspired by the ocean. The goal was to create a relaxed and comfortable environment with soft furnishings in white and neutral tones complemented by wooden accessories. The area is enhanced by natural lighting and cool shades of greens and grays.

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Astove Island

Astove Island has been uninhabited since 1969 and in order to maintain its pristine status, the Astove Island Lodge only caters to six guests per week. Guests can enjoy air-conditioned en-suite rooms in privacy and a comfortable shared lounge to socialize. Enjoy indoor and outdoor dining experiences after a busy day of fishing, swimming or relaxing.


Luxury on a Boat 


A’Mani is a 54-foot catamaran with four double cabins, two bathrooms, and a spacious entertainment area.

Guests can kick back and relax on this luxury catamaran cruise and enjoy stunning sunsets or jump off for a quick dip and a snorkel before climbing back on board for a scrumptious dinner.


SY Lone Star

Travel to Cosmoledo on the SY Lone Star for a unique trip to explore the remote outer atolls of the Seychelles. The largest of all the catamarans in the Seychelles, the vessel offers five en-suite cabins and top amenities for relaxation and luxury. Spend your days fly-fishing in the pristine area teaming with marine life in the comforts of this luxurious catamaran. 

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Unique Outer Island Experience

A holiday to the Outer Islands, an immersion of an ‘experience for all the senses’ and everything we offer focuses on the unique environment by which we are surrounded. The range of truly magical and wonderful encounters can be enjoyed by families, honeymooners, couples and individuals unlike anywhere else in the Seychelles or the rest of the world. 

Make your reservation here and secure your Outer Island experience with your family and friends.