5 Reasons to visit Alphonse Island in the New Season

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5 Reasons to visit Alphonse Island in the New Season

Aug 24, 2016

It is finally nearing that time of year again and the new season on Alphonse Island will be officially open on 1 October 2016!

As we open for reservations and return to the island that has stolen all of our hearts, here are 5 reasons to visit Alphonse this season: 

We are making our debut into the luxury travel sector. All of our 22 Beach Bungalows and 5 spacious Beach Suites have been extensively refurbished to encapsulate the unique ambience and style of the Island. 

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The Alphonse Group (which includes Alphonse Island, St. François and Bijoutier) is considered one of the most remote and unspoilt group of islands, not only in the Seychelles but also the world. The destination offers a serene getaway like few others and the natural landscapes of the island are awaiting to be explored.

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Alphonse Island offers a unique array of island activities and ocean experiences for all to enjoy. Spend your days snorkeling, cycling, fly fishing, kayaking, going on guided walks and conservation activities like turtle tracking and beach clean-ups.

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The Island is perfect for families, honeymooners, couples as well as groups of friends. The uniqueness of the Island ensures that guests can enjoy quality family time with great child-friendly activities, a romantic getaway with your loved one or an exciting breakaway with good friends. Alphonse Island is a safe haven where guests can explore at their own leisure as there is no dangerous wildlife or traffic, along with taking full advantage of the balmy weather and luxury experiences on offer. 

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The location is unbeatable. We are situated 7° south of the Equator and 400km south-west of the main island of Mahé in the Seychelles. This remote corner of the world plays host to some of the most spectacular beaches, diving sites and exquisite marine and wildlife. Be enthralled by the untouched natural beauty and savour every moment on this pristine island paradise.

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Enjoy the holiday of a lifetime!