A Truly Exceptional Diving Destination

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An Aquamarine Spectacle Like No Other

Located at the centre of a coral atoll and natural marine sanctuary. Blessed with flourishing marine life and coral outcrops. Glide between turtles and schools of multi-coloured fish within the vast virgin reefs.

Incredible Diversity of Diving Adventures

Explore 15 classified dive sites. Sheer drop offs, rich currents and abundant sea life. At your doorstep. No lengthy boat rides, all only 5 – 30 minutes away.

Personal, Safe and Unforgettable

Certified team of experienced and attentive professionals. Caters for all levels and types of diving experience. PADI dive courses with full instruction available. Scuba Gear and equipment well maintained.

Spacious and Comfortable Accommodation

Great accommodation options for couples and larger groups alike. Very spacious and private. Your own piece of paradise, a few steps away from the beach. Nestled within nature.

Popular Sightings

Soft Corals
Soft Corals
Eagle Ray
Eagle Ray
Meyers Butterfly Fish
Meyers Butterfly
Nurse Shark
Nurse Shark
Green turtle
Green Turtle
Bluestrip snapper
Bluestripe Snapper
Lion Fish
Lion Fish
Scorpion Fish
Scorpion Fish
Marbled Ray
Marbled Ray
Butterfly Fish
Bottlenose Dolphins
Bottlenose Dolphins
Eyestripe surgeon fish
Eyestrip Surgeonfish
Oriental Sweetlips
Oriental Sweetlips

My Experience on Alphonse Island

Incredible Natural Beauty and Protected Marine Life

Alphonse Island is an intimate private lodge situated on Alphonse Island, the largest in the Alphonse group of atolls. This group of atolls is considered one of the most pristine, untouched Eden’s of the world, making it a nature lover’s paradise. The magnificent island threesome comprising of Alphonse, St Francois and Bijoutier lies in the very heart of the Indian Ocean as part of the Seychelles outer islands.

This is a truly remote destination of incredible natural beauty with miles of soft, sandy beaches, lush tropical forests and a pristine and vibrant marine ecosystem offering world-class scuba diving, not to mention a wide range of other superb water and land based activities.

We are committed to protecting the unique fauna and flora of the area with ongoing research, rehabilitation and monitoring programs, focusing especially on nesting sea turtles, giant tortoises, sensitive marine habitats and forest rehabilitation. Fishing is done on a strict catch-and-release basis, with environmental fishing practices consistently practiced.

Safe and Private Paradise

Alphonse Island is an incredibly safe and intimate paradise to enjoy your holiday!

There is no malaria in the Seychelles and no vaccines are required when visiting, although some travelers elect to protect themselves against hepatitis A with an immunoglobulin injection (short-­term protection) or the longer lasting vaccine. Alphonse Island has no cyclones (sheltered and predictable weather conditions), no poisonous snakes or spiders, no dangerous animals and no cars.

With only one intimate lodge on the entire atoll, you will experience a great sense of space, both indoors and out, with ocean views from your patio or deck and unblemished beaches just a few paces away.

Experienced Crew, Top equipment and Purpose Built Boats 

The dynamic and professional team of international instructors brings several years of local diving experience and utmost enthusiasm for sharing memorable underwater encounters with guests. They are committed to making guests’ diving experience personal, safe and unforgettable.

For those guests looking to obtain or upgrade their diving tickets, PADI courses (Open Water and Advanced) are available as 4-6 day training courses. Beginners are also able to do the Discover Scuba Initiation Programme (1 hour of theory followed by a pool session and then a shallow dive to 10m).

Our scuba gear and equipment is kept in top condition. Zanbren is our diving boat - a 25ft forward console magnum catamaran, powered by twin 150hp outboard engines. She is rigged with navigation and communication electronics and all the required safety equipment. She offers ample shading with a stepladder on the back for easy boarding, and at a top speed of 30 knots she will get you to your required dive spot in no time at all.

Something for Everyone

The fifteen Alphonse dive sites are suitable for all categories of divers, which makes diving at Alphonse an exciting experience for both beginners as well as advanced divers who can enjoy the various drift dives on offer. The sites are easily accessible and vary between five and thirty minutes from the dive boat mooring site.

Considered to be one of the last true paradises on Earth, Alphonse Island is blessed with sheer drop offs, rich currents and abundant sea life. This makes the Alphonse group of Atolls one of the most exciting and diverse dive destinations in the Seychelles. The pristine sites around both Alphonse and St Francois are famous for not only its warm water and great visibility, but also its unbleached corals and a diverse range of fish species comprising of reef, pelagic and shark species.

This site features sloping bottom topography covered in hard coral which continues along the vertical wall starting at 16 meters. On the plateau you have a good chance of finding Scorpion Fish and Turtles sleeping under coral heads, as well as Grey Reef Sharks. The “Arcade” itself is U-shaped and consists of holes and overhangs where Napoleon and Groupers seek shelter from the gentle current. Schools of Dogtooth Tuna, Chevron Barracudas and Jacks frequent this dive site.

The fish life is remarkable on this dive site: big shoals of snappers and fusiliers, sweetlips, sleeping stingrays and especially nurse sharks

Along the wall, at roughly 22 meters, there is a big coral outcrop which continues slightly deeper to 30 meters where there is a slight step-off with a sandy bottom. There are many overhangs with pink sea fans along the wall. There are possibilities of viewing schools of Snappers and Emperors, big Potato Groupers and Oriental Sweetlips. Also frequenting this site are pelagics such as shoals of Tuna and various species of Sharks. This site is loved by underwater photographers for its impressive scenery.

Sometimes we come across sleeping nurse sharks here or turtles that were searching for a quiet place to rest

Very big pink, orange and white sea fans and whip corals along the wall with many holes and overhangs present. Towards the end of the dive the topography changes and more structured coral covered rocks provide shelter for many Snappers, Bluefin Trevally, Eagle Rays, Turtles and sleeping Nurse Sharks. This is a great drift dive along the 90-degree wall with impressive fan corals and a good chance of seeing big fish out in the blue.

Grey reef sharks and turtles may also swim your way

There are big coral head formations on the plateau where you can see a great variety of schooling reef fish and Turtles. A good place to find Scorpion Fish, Moray Eels, Lobsters and Jacks, as well as Sharks. A beautiful dive site with so much life and colour to see. This is an excellent spot for macro photography and ideal for beginners.(5 - 15M plateau; 30M - slope)

Once outside again, the water is full of fusiliers, snappers and young barracuda.

Open water raised reef with its top at 16 meters covered with big colourful sea fans, schooling fish such as Emperors, Fusiliers, Snappers, Jacks, Potato Groupers, Moray Eels, and Napoleon Wrasse. Underwater photographers will be completely captivated by this dive site. This is a top spot around Alphonse, but only for experienced divers in ideal weather conditions. Sometimes this site has very strong currents, so a fast descent is necessary to hit the spot. This site can only be dived during periods with small tidal differences.

Spot special kinds of nudibranches or snails as well as a variety of moray eels.

The above mentioned dive sites are only a small selection. We have many more world-class and certified dive sites to visit; from easier dives for beginners up to challenging sites for experienced and more advanced divers.

  • House Reef (0 - 6 M)
  • Galawa (12 - 30 M +)
  • Transylvania (5 - 14 M)
  • Turtle Parade (12 - 30 M)
  • Bijoutier Out (Secret Reef) (16 - 30 M +)
  • Eagle Nest/Hotel (10 - 30 M +)
  • East Side/West Side Wall (6 - 16 M)
  • Pinnacle (7 - 30 M +)
  • South Cave (6 - 18 M)
  • Baghdad (12 - 20 M)

We have many more world-class and certified dive sites to visit

Let us help you create the ultimate diving getaway

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Alphonse Island features one intimate resort with accommodation perfectly suited to your needs. After a mesmerising dive, find your perfect haven just few steps away from the water’s edge.

Experiences on the Island

Besides outstanding diving, Alphonse Island is an outdoor enthusiast and nature lover’s paradise with miles of white sandy beaches, indigenous forests and protected coral reefs. Take advantage of all the diverse experiences this island paradise has to offer.

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