Ocean Kayaking at Alphonse, Seychelles

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Ocean Kayaking at Alphonse, Seychelles

Jul 06, 2016

Whether you’re kayaking the perimeter of the Alphonse Island, or the house reef… It will be a kayaking experience like none other. Kayaks are available at many resorts with sterling views, but few can compare to the sheer remoteness and prolific marine life that exists here at Alphonse Island.

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Kayaking is one of the more ideal ways to view marine life from above. Kayaks are non-intrusive and often allow guests to get quite close to turtles and rays around the flats. You may even pass straight over marine animals that are oblivious to your presence, providing you with an opportunity to watch them undisturbed in their natural habitat. There is also a possibility you could come close to a shoal of Mullet or Bonefish. 

It is an opportunity to explore the wondrous bounty of turtles, rays, fish and various other marine animals that may be passing by. Given the astounding population of fish, it is common to see a scattering of fish jumping away from their predators along the shoreline.

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Birdwatching is also wonderful during a kayak tour with Grey Heron and Greater-crested Terns flying over as you glide along the water’s surface. Alphonse Island now boasts the second highest bird population of the Outer Islands in the Seychelles, with the best time to bird watch being between October and April once many of the migrant species have returned. 

Kayaking at Alphonse is a great experience for both novice and experienced kayakers. With double or single seated kayaks you can take the controls or allow our experienced guides to help propel you through the water. They can also guide you to the best spots or point out any sea creatures or birds you come across. 

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You may get a bit wet during the trip, but at 7° South of the equator a splash from the warm Indian Ocean is a welcome treat. To make sure you are comfortable throughout the hour long trip we recommend lightweight clothing or rash vests, swim shorts, hats and sunscreen. Polarised glasses are also great for eye protection and are the best for spotting marine life in the water beneath.

We recommend guests to either kayak during high tide when the opportunity to see marine life is rife, or during the late afternoon when the mesmerising light of the escaping day paints the surrounding ocean and island. 

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